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1:22am 01-01-2018
Jeff Sutter
Thanks son! ❤
12:15am 01-01-2018
Joseph F Sutter
Awesome music!
6:48pm 12-30-2017
Harry Budd
Praying for God's blessing on you and expecting great strides for you spiritually in this coming year in Jesus name!!!
11:04pm 12-23-2017
Rick Gundberg
Praying for you guys, you are very talented!
7:16pm 10-04-2017
Brian Sutter
8:10pm 09-29-2017
Heather Gilbert
Sounds great!!!!
9:41am 02-13-2016
Jeff Sutter
Hey everyone... please pray for us! We're trying out a drummer today!
6:47pm 01-29-2016
richard mansir
Sounds good
1:18pm 01-29-2016
Timothy Chadbourne
Went to school with Eric Lovejoy. Just admiring his work.
7:05pm 01-26-2016
maureen james
3:03pm 01-24-2016
Jeff Sutter
Please feel free to sign this guest book! Would love to hear from you! Jesus is Lord! <3